7 easy ways to collect email address

Once I saw a LinkedIn post where a female user offered to sell 50,000 thousand email address. The price of her offer was only taka 1,000. Then someone made a comment on her post saying her to stop this bad business immediately. Because people are tired of spam.  People do not want to see unnecessary emails in their Inbox.Ask yourself. If you see an email from a real estate company with a subject hinting you to buy a luxurious apartment in Banani, while you do not have both money and interest, would you open the mail? The answer is presumably no. At the heart of email marketing is collecting email address. Purchasing email address is the easiest way getting people’s email. But it will work a little. Selling email address is illegal too. In this article, we will discuss 7 easy ways to collect email address.

collect email address

  1. Collect email address directly from customers: During a product exhibition or fair, you have a chance of meeting a large number of potential customers. Request them verbally to fill up your newsletter sign up form when they visit your stall at the event. You can also do the same thing when you talk with customers over the phone. You can tell them that your email template has a wealth of product information.They can get the template by providing their email address to you.
  2. offer something valuable: Offer a free gift or a coupon while making a request to people to give their email address. It is simple give and take policy. You can do so by placing a form on your site’s homepage . People will fill out the form with information of their name, email address, contact address. When they would submit the form you could collect their email ID as well as their contact address. later on, you could send the gift or coupon to their home address.
  3. Facebook Ad: It is the most effective way getting the target audience’s email. In email marketing collecting random email address is useless. You need to collect email address of people who are related to your business. For example, your business may be selling skin whitening cream for women. Your target customers may be women age group of 18-30 years old with purchasing habit of buying skin whitening cream. By creating Facebook Ad  you can collect the email address of this group of female and can pursue them to buy your product by emailing them. It is only possible by Facebook Ad. No other media can reach potential customers as Facebook Ad does.
  4. Put a contact form on your website: You could put a contact form with a field asking for peoples’ email address throughout your website. It could be in your site’s home page, blog page or on a separate page. After the end of each blog post, for example, you can request people that if they like the post then they can sign up for your weekly or monthly newsletter by fill out the contact form. But in this case, you need to watch out that you are getting email addresses from your target audience.
  5. Collect email by downloadable PDF or ebook: This is another good technique to collect email. Your website is selling, for example, pet medicine. You can write useful content either in PDF format or ebook about how to keep pet healthy, when and what kind of medicine your loved animal require. Then you can ask people to download the ebook or pdf with the exchange of their email. Only do people with interest in pet medicine will download the knowledge products (in this case pdf or ebook). So this is another effective way getting potential buyers email. I myself download pdf containing SEO (search engine optimization)  knowledge, tips by providing my email. Because I have much interest in SEO.
  6. Offer free tutorial video: Video is now more appealing to learners than text content. Because people learn something easily by watching a video than reading a blog post. Going back to your previous pet medicine website. You can create and upload pet caring videos to your site. Pet-loving people will watch videos and may subscribe to your subscriber form so that they can get more pet related video link in their email.
  7. Use social media: put a form on your Facebook business page so that anyone visiting your site can fill out the form, thereby, giving email. In order to put a form on the Facebook fan page, you can use AWeber app. Like Facebook, you can also utilize twitter. You can tweet your followers with your website’s contact form page link.

Email marketing is an integral part of digital marketing planning. successful use of email marketing approach brings the desired outcome in digital marketing. But how many target customers email you have defined the success of email marketing. From the above discussion, we see that collecting email with clients consent requires hard working. It is time-consuming too. Nevertheless, it works the best.

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