How does Email marketing works in digital marketing planning

A recent survey on mobile Internet in Bangladesh shows that 70 percent of users spend more than an hour on Facebook. Source The daily star. So it is no wonder that advertising on Facebook is the most preferred choice of marketing. Does it mean that Email marketing is dead? Continue reading to find the answer.

What is Email marketing?

It is the use of Email to promote products and services. It is a narrow definition. In the broadest sense, every Email sent to a potentially new or previous customer is considered as email marketing. The term also refers to the following things:

  • Sending emails to enhance business relationship with existing customers.
  • Sending emails to customers with the purpose of selling products and services.

How Does Email marketing work in digital marketing?

Success in digital marketing depends on how marketers can precisely reach the target audience. And here email marketing plays the most important role.This way of marketing ensures that you can reach your potential customers with almost 100% accuracy. In Facebook advertising, your customers may only stare at your ad campaign and do not give much importance. But in email marketing your product promotional or selling message will be in their inbox. So the chance of ignorance is low.

Advantages of email marketing

The two major advantages of this marketing approach are price and ease. By using MailChimp you can send 12,000 thousand emails each month free. MailChimp is the world’s largest marketing automation platform. On MailChimp setting an email campaign is easy. No coding skills are required. Many good looking free email templates are available here. You can start sending emails anytime you wish.

Relevancy of this marketing tools

Social media is dominating the online advertising world. But below points found from a study conducted by Hostpapa shows that marketing campaign by email is still relevant:

  1. 94% of Internet users use email, while 61% use social media
  2. 75% of adult online users say that email is their preferred choice of marketing.
  3. Marketing with consent can possible by email marketing.
  4. Email messages can be customized according to your business needs. However, this is not possible in social media marketing.

Email marketing has a few unique features. It is cheap, easy to set up. It allows targeting by demographic(age, income). Most of the Internet users still use email than social media. So email marketing is still alive and will thrive on.





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