5G next generation wireless technology

5G next generation wireless technology will revolutionize the digital world. But it has many obstacles to come. Yet it will be a reality in future.

What is 5 G:

G stands for generation.  It means the networking has been improving with every generation. This basically indicates strength of mobile internet. Mobile internet is ever evolving. Starting with G the current technology is 4G. The next one is 5G, the fastest one in terms of data delivery. It will deliver data 10 times or more faster than 4 G. It will cut latency-the lag time when data is sent or received. Implementation of 5G will be amazing. People will use driverless cars, talk with fridges.

5G next generation wireless technology

How 5G works

5G technology is based on radio frequencies. The same radio frequencies are used for television broadcasts, wifi signals. In case of 5G radio frequencies will be extremely high–GHz to 300 GHz range. While for 4 G radio frequency is used only 6 GHz . Higher radio frequencies do not travel as far as lower radio frequencies. So 5G network will use dense array of smal antennas to transmit data.

What 5G will do

Below are the major benefits people will get 5G network:

  1. People will send texts, make calls and browse the web with higher speed by 5 G network. In other words, Internet speed will increase dramatically. For example if now a 15 Mb video file download in 3 or 4 seconds then using 5G It will be downloaded in a moment.
  2. This technology will allow thousands of  Internet-connected devices entering into our everyday life.
  3. Drone technology will reach a new high with 5G network.
  4. Driverless cars will be a reality.

Why is 5G so essential?

5G next generation wireless technology is so much essential for the survival of IOT( internet of things). It is anticipated that there will be 20 billion IOT devices by the year of 2020. All of these devices will be useless if there is no 5G network.

Now we are living in a smart world. We now have smartphones, smart tv, smart watches, virtual reality, drones, autonomous cars, voice assistants. All of these required huge amount of data to be transmitted instantly and at the same time a large number of simultaneous connections. 5G network will ensure both instant transmissions of data and multiple connections of these devices. So living in a smart world will be ensured with the bless of 5G network.

What are the challenges 5G network are facing?

5G network is facing a couple of obstacles for its adoption. First telecom operators must make a massive investment to deploy 5G. Deutsche Telekom CEO Timotheus Hoettges has estimated the cost of providing 5G networks in Europe alone at €300 billion to €500 billion ($370 billion to $615 billion).(source: http://www.thedailystar.net/

Second, 5G compatible phones are still not available in the market. This is another hindrance to 5G next generation wireless technology adoption. Third, in many countries particularly in Africa, deployment of 4 is not complete yet. Transition will take place from 4G to 5G. So, this is another barrier to the expansion of 5G network.

Despite all of the obstacles 5G next generation wireless technology is facing, this technology will expand and replace current 4G network. Because the very nature of new technology is it is always replaces older one with better offer. So 5G next generation wireless technology will not stuck either.











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