Success in e-commerce business

Success in e-commerce business depends on many factors. Getting peoples’ trust is one of the most important factors among others. Here we will discuss how to win peoples’ trust in this business.

Communication: This is the first step to achieve customers trust. You should have a system in place so that customers can communicate with you instantly. Facebook’s messenger is an effective tool in this case. This has automated reply feature. Customers can ask questions and receive automated replies. Having a chat window in a website is another good option to communicate with customers. People may have many specific questions about products or services. Answers to all of these questions cannot be given by automated answer machine such as Facebook messenger. 24/7 customer care support by far the best way of communication with customers. Some people are not tech savvy. Particularly people who are less educated. They would prefer calling directly to help center to know ins and outs of products rather than going for a chat. Customers feel cared and valued when you directly talk with them.

Make product description easy: While describing a product use very simple language. Otherwise, many people will not understand your product features. Remember they are seeing a product online not in reality. In order to judge a product on an e-commerce site and making purchasing decision people reply on product’s description and image. So If they cannot understand about a product from it’s description how can you expect that they will buy your products?

success in e-commerce business

Assure people with 100% refund policy: Proving honest to customers defines success in e-commerce business. This can be achieved by 100% refund policy. People have greater trust in products quality if they see 100% money back guarantee on it.

Make delivery on time: Delay delivery make customers frustrated and irritated. So whatever traffic jam or bad road condition as an e-commerce business owner you need to make sure on-time delivery of products at customers door step.

Use clear images: Site visitors first look at products images than other things. So if the images cannot grab visitors attention they will go elsewhere. Use clear and authentic images on your site.

Investors are highly optimistic in e-commerce business in Bangladesh. It is now a billion taka industry. If you want to get a pie form it gain people trust first by following above steps.





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