A few interesting upcoming Gmail features

Google is about to release a new version of Gmail, the popular email service of the tech giant. The updated version is likely to be release on May 8 this year. Upcoming Gmail features are the topic of our blog today.

Google did not reveal any new feature yet. But a few upcoming Gmail features have leaked. These are

  •  Self-destruct feature: Your sent email to a recipient /recipients will delete itself after a certain time. Interestingly, it is you who will set that certain time. For example, you will be able to set a time for one day, one week or even a couple of years while sending a mail. Then after one day or one week or a couple of years (what you set during sending the mail), your email will be deleted automatically.
  • Confidential Mode: This is another interesting new feature. Users will be able to turn on confidential mode during sending emails. As a result, recipients will not be able to download, print or forward that mail. In addition, recipients cannot even copy and paste the content of the email.

  • Verification with passcode: No detail explanation has been found about this feature. This could be as such that mail recipients need to confirm their identity with passcode sent to their text messages. But it is not clear whether non-Gmail users will also receive passcode in text message.
  • Smart reply: This feature will allow users to select automatic reply to emails.
  • Snooze button: This button will allow users to hide emails in their Inbox for a certain time. Snooze button will work against annoying messages.
  • Three new views: The new design will have three different layouts or views. These are default view, comfortable view, and compact view. A default view will highlight attachments such as documents and photos, a  comfortable view will not show attachments and a compact view will show more messages.

Google is expecting these new updates will give Gmail a fresh, clean look. We are waiting for new Gmail eagerly.


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