How to Make Money from Your Facebook business page

Do you know on average people spend two hours 24 minutes on Facebook each day followed by YouTube for 40 minutes, Snapchat for 30 minutes, and Instagram for 28 minutes and thus making Facebook the most popular social media site? There are many reasons why people spend hours on Facebook. However, one of the reasons is financial – earning money. And, this is where comes the Facebook business page is.  Let’s know in detail about this special type of webpage.

What is a Facebook business page?

A Facebook business page is a public profile created by businesses, organizations, celebrities, or causes to promote the respective entity to the mass people. It is like your personal profile that regularly updates with statuses, videos, links, and photos. There is a terminological difference between a profile and a page. In the case of your Facebook profile what you call your friends, this terminology turns into fans for a Facebook business page.  Fans are the people who like the page. Another difference is friends’ limitations. While in the case of your personal profile you have a maximum of 5,000 friends, the number of friends becomes unlimited in the case of a Facebook business page.

Create a Facebook business page

Creating a Facebook business page is pretty straightforward. First, log in to your Facebook personal profile. Look at the left corner of your profile. You will see a plus sign beside your profile picture. Click on it. Several options like post, story, room, page, etc will appear. Click on the page option. You will get a page template to create a page. Here, you need to fill two mandatory fields: page name and category.

Click on the create page button. You have created your first Facebook page. Of course, you will provide other information like a description of the page- explaining what type of business or organization the page represents – image, contact info, and other details while creating a page. Although providing these pieces of information is not mandatory but they are essential to make your page informative and relevant to your business.

Increase Fan of page

After creating a Facebook page which is also called a business page the real hard work of the corresponding business that created the page starts. That hard work is increasing the fanbase of the page. There are two reasons why businesses are crazy to increase the number of fans of their business page. The first reason is popularity. A page with 100,000 fans for example is more popular than a page with 50,000 fans. The second is trust. People tend to trust a business that has more fans on its business page. And, success in business depends on the popularity and trust that every business eagerly wants to achieve. Let’s know 8 effective ways to increase the number of fans of your Facebook business page.

Optimize Your Fan page

Fan page optimization means choosing a page name that is relevant to your business and writing a short description of your business. You will also complete other parts of the page like adding an image, and contact info, and writing a more detailed description of your business in the about section of the page.

Post regularly

You need to maintain a consistent relationship with all of the followers of your Facebook business page. In this context, posting regularly at least once a week is a must. Regular posting practice conveys a message to your followers that you care about them.

post engaging content

Engaging content means the content that draws viewers’ rapt attention. So the content you post needs to be entertaining. Your content always needs not be funny. It could be didactic too. You can provide for example a solution to a specific problem affecting your customers.  That way your fans after watching or reading the content would feel that the content was worth watching.

Live videos

Facebook has revealed that live videos are 3 times more popular than traditional videos. Live videos help to reach new customers and thus increase the fan base. This is an important piece of information that many large companies like Airbnb and Dunkin Donuts are posting live videos on their Facebook page to grow their customer base.

Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads are indispensable to increasing the fan page likes quickly. Creating and purchasing Ads on Facebook is simple. One great effectiveness of Facebook Ads over traditional television or print media Ads is with Facebook Ads you can reach your target audience. If your product is for example a supplement that you want to sell among gym-going people of your locality, with a Facebook Ad you can promote your product to this audience.

Run a contest

Many people like participating in a contest, and winning a prize. Many websites use this psychology of people that inspire them to arrange two or three contests each month on Facebook. The underlying process of running a contest is the participant need to give a like to the Facebook page first to join the contest. And, in this way, the page book page gets like. In return, the participant may win an attractive prize. It’s a simple give and takes.

Share videos, images, and emotions

One practice many popular Facebook pages follow is in addition to their regular text posting they also share visual content like images, videos, and infographics. Since these types of content are more attractive and informative, they get more likes and shares The end result is the page gets more likes and followers.

Promote on other social media sites

You can use other social media sites like Twitter, Instagram, Linked In, and Snapchat to get more likes for your page. The way you can do this is to promote your page among all of the social media channels twice a week. Promotion of your page will viewers of those channels which will eventually generate new likes for your business page.

Monetization of your Facebook business page

Let’s give you a simple definition of monetization of a Facebook page. Monetization means providing something of value to your audience and in return earning some money. One example will clarify this definition. Suppose you have grown a decent number of followers on your Facebook page.  A few of your followers were looking for purchasing a vacuum cleaner. But they don’t know where to get the best vacuum cleaner.

You have posted an ad for this product on your page. The ad is a link to an affiliate site that sells this product. If some of those followers purchase the product from the affiliate site, you will be rewarded with some cash from that site.  So what is the monetization of a Facebook page is earning some money from it. And, why it not be? You have done a lot of hard work- creating a page, increasing its followers, and then promoting a  product.

Rules for monetization

You and your page must follow three main sets of rules to be eligible for monetizing the content you publish on your business page. These three rules are

Facebook community standards

Facebook is a large community with 2.85 billion active users. As every physical community has a few standard rules and regulations to live peacefully in that community, Facebook, though a virtual community is no exception. In this community, you can’t publish objectional content like erotic videos or images, videos containing violence, and hate speech. Publishing offensive content is forbidden both in a personal profile and on a business page.

Partner monetization standard

These rules act at the page level like the rules for creating content, how these contents can be shared, and how the page will perform like receiving money or making an online payment.

Content monetization policies

These rules control the nature of content that your page can publish. In that sense, these rules are more akin to the Facebook community standard rules.

Sell Merchandise or products

Your Facebook business page is a good place to utilize the dropshipping method of marketing to sell products or merchandise. Dropshipping is a method where all the hard work of selling a product like manufacturing, packing, and shipping is carried out by a third party on behalf of you. From your part, the most difficult area of this marketing is convincing your audience which in this case your page followers to buy the product.

The company you choose to drop ship your product does not need to manufacture your product. It even does not need to stock the product in its store. The usual practice in dropshipping is the drop shipper company purchases products from a whole seller and then ships the product directly to the customers. You will only have to pay the drop shipper when the product is sold.

Send traffic to affiliate marketing sites

The concept of affiliate marketing is promoting products of other people from a blog site. When visitors read a blog on a product for example a diesel generator from a blog site and purchase the product from an e-commerce site like Amazon, eBay, or Walmart the owner of the blog site earns some cash. What you can do here is you can send your Facebook page followers to affiliate marketing sites and if they (your followers) ended up buying some products you will earn some commission.

Sell digital content

Do you know the global ebook market is expected to reach 28.73 billion by 2026? It means it’s a huge revenue-generating industry from which you can also claim your part by creating your own eBook and selling it to your audience. Ebooks on nutrition and physical workout are now becoming quite popular among people in general.

Sell your know-how technique

If you have a decent number of followers on your Facebook page it’s a good indication that you know how to grow a fan base. There are many small businesses out there who also eagerly want to increase their Facebook followers but don’t know the necessary know-how regarding how to grow followers. Since you have practical experience in this matter, why not sell your fan growing skill to others and earn some cash?

In-stream ads

This technique means including short ads before, during, or at the end of your videos. By default, Facebook can identify the break in your video and show the ad at that time or you can also set the Ad time. How much money you will be earned from your In-stream ads depends on the number of views of your videos, and the Ads of the brand that you want to promote.

Boost Facebook business page

Boosting or promoting your Facebook page means more and more people see your page. Below I have discussed some proven ways to make your page stand out and get noticed among hundreds of thousands of other Facebook business pages,

Provide interesting and useful content

People want to see interesting news, videos, and images on their news feed. The algorithm of Facebook is also programmed in such a way that it shows catchy content posted by a user to his/her followers. People have a sharing tendency toward anything they deem interesting. So when followers of a specific user share attractive content posted by the user, it reaches their( followers ) newsfeed as well. what it means your page reaches a wider audience.

Besides interesting content, another type of content that people tend to share is know-how or how to do something content. If you have a blog post-know-how type article links on your page. This way your page will not only see by many new users but your blog will also get new traffics.

Interact with other businesses and influencers

This Facebook page promotional technique works like if you itch another man’s back he will also do the same thing for you. To apply this technique find the businesses or industries within your niche. Like their page and share their posts. It is highly likely that they will also do the same thing for your page. When they will share your posts, you will also get access to their audience.

Post when your audience is on Facebook

Your goal is that the maximum number of your followers see your post, right? But how do you make an attempt that most of your followers get an update from you when they scroll through Facebook’s news feed? Keep in mind that the audience varies from product to product which means the posting time for a product like a pair of running shoes will not match that of a kayak. There is a tool called Facebook insight that will help you to understand your audience’s behavior when most of them stay online. This tool is accessible to all the admin users of a Facebook business page. If you are one of the admin users of a business page, you will see the “Insights” menu in between the notifications and publishing tools menu of the page. After you click on the insights menu scroll through the ” page overview” section of the Insights menu. Here you will get some valuable information like what three posts reach the maximum number of followers and what time of the day. If the time of the day indicates evening it means most of your followers spend time on Facebook at that time. So the evening time will be your posting time to get the maximum visibility of your post.


From the above discussion, you can see there are several ways one can earn revenue from a Facebook page. At this point, my advice to people who want to make Facebook a source of their income is to experiment with a few known methods of the Facebook page monetization methods like sending traffic to the affiliate marketing sites, in-stream ads, and selling digital content. Depending on the number of followers of your Facebook page each strategy will generate a different amount of revenue. So start with a few Facebook business page monetization strategies before implementing others.

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