Facebook algorithm change

On 11th January 2018, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced new Facebook algorithm change. Facebook has so many algorithms. Finding friends, for example, is an algorithm. Attending a nearby event is another. No one knows exactly how many algorithms do they have? But Facebook algorithm change basically means its news feed algorithm change. And here is the main concern of marketers and small businesses. Why? Because Newsfeed algorithm dictates who will see your contents, ads in their timeline.

What is 2018 Facebook Newsfeed algorithm change?

The change is from now on, people will see posts from friends, family members in their Newsfeed more than content from brands or business page. In simple words, you will see more photos of your friend’s wedding than a boutique shop business page content.

Facebook algorithm change


Why has Facebook brought this change?

Facebook believes that a person to person connection is more valuable than a person to business page connection. The reason is simple. A person to person connection generates more meaningful engagements.  But it is less in person to business page connection.

Active and passive interaction

In Facebook, there are two types interactions: active and passive. Active interactions are commenting, sharing and reacting. Passive interactions are clicking, watching, viewing. More active interactions commenting, sharing, reactive are being taken place in person to person communication. It is spontaneous because when I see that one of my close friends post a beautiful selfie I do one of the three active interactions. But when I see a video of a brand in my Newsfeed, in most cases, I don’t see the video. Instead, I look for a content from my close friends. This is not only I. Most Facebook users do the same. From this active and passive interaction, Facebook has decided to show posts in users Newsfeed that have the potential of active interaction.

People will spend less time on Facebook

Because of this Facebook algorithm change, people will spend less time on the world’s biggest social media platform. But Facebook says this time will be well spent. Users Newsfeed will not clutter with so many businesses posting. Instead, Newsfeed will have updated information of peoples loved ones. So people will not need to spend hours scrolling the Newsfeed to get their favorite content.

Do Facebook algorithm change hike ad price?

For companies and brands, organic reach to customer Newsfeed will become difficult in the new Facebook algorithm.  What will business do? They will rely on the Facebook ad to reach the customers.However, growing demand of the ad may increase Facebook ad price.

How to reach customers on Facebook without boosting post?

All hopes are not lost yet. You can still reach people with your business offer on Facebook organically. Here are a few ways:

  1. Post engaging, quality content that prompts comments: According to Zuckerberg meaningful interaction means comments, comments, and comments. So you need to create quality content that prompts more comments. And that quality content post will show in more users Newsfeed. Zuckerberg also mentions that pages making posts that in which people do not react or comment will be least distributed. Writing on the current explosive issue is a way of creating quality content. That will spark more conversations among users. For example, if you write a post on recent air crash of US-Bangla airlines in Nepal, it will generate more comments and reaction. Eventually, it will be shown to more users Newsfeed.
  2. Inspire people to follow your Facebook page: Users can set preference “See First” feature from a page that they are following.

Facebook algorithm change

Setting this preference means users will get posts from that page in their Newsfeed first. New Facebook algorithm did not change this preference option. So business pages can make requests to their followers to set this preference setting.

3. Use live videos: Facebook algorithm favors video than image or text content. But live videos appeal is more than regular video. Zuckerberg wrote that live videos often lead to discussion among viewers on Facebook. Live videos get six times as many interactions as regular videos. So live Facebook video is an efficient way of reaching customers.

4. Target Facebook group: Facebook groups consist of similar minded people. Sharing your content with groups that have similarity with your business may increase active interaction like commenting, sharing, reacting. Consequently, your organic reach will increase.

Facebook will change algorithm consistently. Whatever change will take place in future, don’t expect that it will deprioritize content from friends in favor of content from your business.So our mindset needs to be flexible enough to cope with any new change that may be more challenging.

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