Digital marketing strategy

In today’s world, consumers and business stay online. So, a comprehensive digital marketing strategy can make the business a successful one.

What is digital marketing strategy?

Digital marketing strategy is a series action that you take to achieve your business goals. You use different online channels to implement your strategy.

What is a digital marketing campaign?

Digital marketing strategy and digital marketing campaign are not the same. A digital marketing campaign is a part of the marketing strategy. For example, One of your digital marketing strategies could be exposing your brand to customers. In order to do so, you can make a few paid advertisement on Facebook. This paid advertisement on Facebook is called a digital marketing campaign. So this digital marketing campaign is working on your marketing strategy.

How to build a comprehensive strategy?

Building a comprehensive strategy may seem intimidating first. But it is not that difficult. There are 5 steps to build a powerful digital marketing strategy. These are:

  1. Identify your customers: There is no shortage of types of customers in a market. Your first job is whom you want to sell your products. You need to separate those customers. In doing so, you need to collect following demographic information. These data will help you segment your customers.

Location: You need to know the geographic location of your customers. In Facebook ad campaign you need to select geographic location of your clients.

Age: People of not all age group would be your customers. So identify your target age group.

Gender: Male and female have different marketing need and choice. You need to decide who would be your preferred one.

2. Identify your goal and digital marketing tools to measure KPI: After selecting your target audience, you need to decide what you want to achieve? Is it simply attracting more traffic to your site so that your brand awareness increase? Or more complex goal, for example, increase revenue by 20% by generating more leads and conversions? Whatever your goal, you must have to measure your KPI(key performance indicators. There are several tools in the market to measure your digital marketing success. For example, HubSpot is a great marketing software to measure your ROI( rate on investment).

3. Identify digital marketing tools, assets to implement your digital marketing strategy: You have several digital marketing tools to use. For example, your website, Facebook page, twitter account, MailChimp, youtube. You could use all of them and measure the performance of each channel. Your main digital marketing activity will be conducted by these tools. The important thing here is you need to audit these tools regularly.

Digital marketing strategy

4. Analyze past digital marketing strategy: Scrutinize your previous digital marketing strategy to gauge out any mistake. Finding past error will help you make a new strategy correctly.

5.Bring all of the above steps together: document all of the above steps. Start implementing step 3. Measure your KPI by step 2. If you get poor ROI(return on investment) in step 2 KPI results then correct the course of action in step 3. But the important thing here is finding the reason that causes the poor ROI. It may be that your target audience not getting your product message. There may be several other reasons. Whatever the cause, your job is to pinpoint the problem and correct the strategy.










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