3 SEO basics everyone should know

Today I will discuss 3 SEO basics that everyone should know. These are what is a keyword, why are keywords important and how to use keywords in your posts or pages. Learning these 3 SEO basics is the first step to become an SEO specialist.

What is a keyword?

keyword is a word that describes the main idea of your page or post. In more simple words, keyword or phrases is the search terms by which you want your website to appear on the first page of google search result. For example, you own a website that sells different types of mobile phone. You want that people would visit your site and find the products you are selling. You target keywords, for example,” Smart phones 2018″. Then you write a blog post using this key phrase. Your blog content may describe a few latest smart phones of reputed companies using the phrase “Smart phones 2018” time to time, of course A not too frequently. When people would search by this key phrase, you can expect that your post may appear on the first page of Google search result page. Although there are dozens of other factors that will dictate whether your page will appear on the first page, but at least you have a chance to rank high on Google search. So here you can see “Smart phone 2018” is your keyword.

3 SEO basics

Why are keywords important

The number of visitors is important for almost any website. This is particularly important for e-commerce sites. Keywords are important because they drive organic traffic from search engine result page to websites. While doing keyword research, you need to understand the intention of your target audience. People search on the Internet for various reasons. For example, some search for information, some search for purchase. Generally, the pages that have keywords and the most relevant content with respect to that keywords get higher ranking on the google search. This is why finding appropriate keywords that your potential customers use while searching on the google or other search engines and writing relevant content centering that key phrases are important. If you use the wrong keywords, you will never get potential clients that you are looking for. The reason is simple: you are using words that do not match with your customers’ texts. For example, you have an online shop that sale baby stroller. Suppose you target a keyword” 10 best baby strollers” by which you want to rank for. But your target customers are using keywords ” buy baby strollers”. So they will never land on your page. Instead, they will go to sites that use “buy baby strollers.” Your keywords” 10 best baby strollers” will attract traffic that is looking for different types of baby strollers. Consequently, you will get visitors who will not purchase your products.

How do you use keywords in your page or post?

Before google panda update, using keywords frequently on pages or post was a technique to rank on search engine. But content with keywords stuffing is terrible to read. Google itself find it difficult to read a content with full of keywords. So it brings the panda update. This update restricts the use of keywords in a content. In general, if your keyword is 1 or 2% of your total number of words, then you are not doing any key stuffing. You should use your keywords throughout your content. In doing so, readers will not annoyed while reading your post. In addition, make the content easy to read. People do not like content with full of jargons or specialized vocabulary and complex sentence. This type of content is both difficult to read and understand.

In addition, keywords should be in page title. meta description. Depending on the content length, keywords should also be placed on one or two subheading of the page.



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