10 must -have features of an ideal website

10 must -have features of an ideal website that what we will discuss here today. The primary purpose of every website is attracting a large number of visitors. It also wants to retain people.  These 10 must-have features will serve both purposes. Here are these 10 must-have features of an ideal website starting from the most important one.

10 must -have features of an ideal website

  1. Make your home page a fascinating one: Site visitors will first land on the home page of your site. So this page should be the most attractive one in terms of design, color, images, text, font color, font size. People only spend 2 or three seconds on a page. They will leave instantly if your home page is not visually attractive.
  2. Mobile responsive web design: Mobile Internet users are increasing gradually from the year 2014.They overtook desktop users in the year 2016. Now over 60% of people use mobile device to browse the Internet. So if your site design is not fully responsive how do you get a large number of visitors? In addition, Google decided to penalize sites that are not mobile responsive. Several websites are available to check responsiveness issue of your site. Responsinator is one such website. By using this site you can check how much responsive your site on different mobile devices and resolution. Besides responsive design, your site should also load faster. If it takes too much time to load, people have no patience to wait. They will go to the other site.
  3. Make site navigation easy: Name of your menu items should be easy to understand.People will have great difficulty to find relevant content if the name of items on the menu is not clear to them.
  4. User clear and real image: Whenever possible use real image. Images collected from royality free image site may have poor quality.
  5. Each post should have a call to action: After the end of every post, you should seek a call to action from visitors like leave a comment, subscribe to your newsletter.
  6. On page SEO: On page SEO is must for each of your page or post. This is important if you want to get higher ranking in google search engine result page.
  7. Color scheme: Choosing an appropriate combination of color or color scheme is one of the most important aspects of website development. However, in many cases, it is an overlooked issue. If the color of a website does not impress people, they do not stay longer on that site.
  8. All of your products and services should be found easily: This is another important point among 10 must -have features of an ideal website. Ensure that people easily find all of your services and products easily on your site.
  9. Show your credentials: You need to build confidence among your site visitors that you are a good product seller or service provider.This is also an important point among 10 must -have features of an ideal website. This can be achieve by your client testimonials, list of your happy clients.
  10. About us page: Your website must have a about page. In this page you should write in a simple language what is your business, how do you operate it, your short history. If you don’t have this page, then how people will know about you? Another advice regarding about us page is: after writing content of about us page you must get someone to read the content. This person should be someone who is not much familar with your products and services. If he can correctly describe about us page content to you then you would assure of that majority of people will uderstand about your products and services.

Finally, have someone to take a look to your site. Again this person would be someone, who knows little about website development. Carefully note down all of his comments and give emphasis on points that you would found important. Because these are the people who would most likely visit your site.


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