An urban hermit and his loyal followers

Whenever you hear the term hermit, your mind automatically depicts someone who is meditating in a desolate place wearing some sort of shabby clothes. I myself never meet with a recluse person living in a forest or mountain. But I saw one in a busy city like Dhaka. Can you believe it? A disheveled hermit nowhere but amidst hustle and bustle of Dhaka street? Though it may sound incredulous but I saw a person with a typical hermit garb around two decades ago in Mirpur.

He was perhaps in his 60s- a small man with unkempt long hair and beard. At first appearance, he looks like an ugly man who may not take bath for days. I saw him not more than two or three times and on every occasion I found him wearing a lungi- a typical Bengali male attire and a Panjabi. He also walked barefoot which is another noticeable characteristic of him.

Now, what about the followers of this hermit? He had 60 or 70 both male and female followers who walked right behind him whenever he goes one place to another. What I heard about him from other people was that he never travels in a vehicle which means he relied on human beings’ oldest form of transport-feet. I also heard that whenever he stops for a break his followers also do the same thing. He did not need to carry his own food and drinks since his followers carried those essentials for him.

After 20 years since I saw him last, I don’t know whether he is still alive or not and if he still survives where he is living now. Finally, the question that remains unanswered to me is what was his enigmatic power that inspires his loyal followers to walk right behind him?





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