How stray dogs population in Bangladesh is in peril

Unlike the USA or the western world, dogs are not a favorite pet of Bangladeshi people. Only a few households keep one or two dogs. Why most people here don’t allow dogs to stay in their house is somewhat related to religious belief. Well, I don’t like to go into that discussion. My purpose of writing this post is to let my readers know how the stray dog population in Bangladesh is in danger.

Dangerous living place

Dogs in my country mostly live beside the streets. But with the ever-increasing number of vehicles on the street, their habitat becomes so perilous. Often time, they crushed under the wheels of speedy vehicles when they try to cross from one side of the street to another. It’s a pathetic scene when I see a wild dog lost his life run over by a vehicle. Why I am so sympathetic to dogs is due to the fact that unlike many of my compatriots, I am a true dog lover. My house has three dogs which are quite uncommon in my home country.

Scarcity of food

Dustbin, where people throw out their stale food, is the primary food source for stray dogs. But it appears to me that nowadays dogs don’t get much food there. Why so? Since the outbreak of the Coronavirus outbreak, thousands of people lose their job. As a result, their earnings become zero. They face a pretty hard time to purchase enough food for their hungry stomach. So it becomes something like while people cannot purchase enough food for them how do they waste their access food and throw it into a trash bin? The result is getting from garbage becomes harder for feral dogs.

No safe breeding place

sometimes I wonder where do sreet dogs give birth to their puppies and how do they raise them? While a mother dog does not have a safe place to sleep, it really perplexes me how a pregnant stray dog find a place and deliver her puppies.





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