A simple act but so satisfying feeling

I am an early riser and attend the Fajr prayer every day. I usually performed my morning prayer on my rooftop but sometimes I like to go to  mosque particularly during the winter. One reason why I chose winter to attend my morning prayer in a mosque is due to the fact that unlike summer during winter the Fajr time is quite long. It starts as early as 5am and lasts until 6.30 am. That means you have plenty of time to participate in fazr prayer in due time.

Anyway, let’s back to the main discussion. A few days ago I went to mosque to attend my Fazr prayer. It was a chilly winter morning. The prayer started at 5.50 am and finished at around 6 am. After completing the prayer on my returning to home  I used to take a short break at a local tea store where some people gather for chatting, smoking, and drinking hot tea. Though smoking is not my habit but I occasionally enjoy puffing a cigarette particularly on a cold winter morning. So You guess why I stopped at the tea store? Yes, to enjoy some morning smoking.

After finishing the cigarette when I started to walk, I saw a stray dog sleeping beside the busy street. She huddled herself as much as she could to get some warmth in that chilly morning. Seeing her miserable condition I felt so much pity for her.

I am a true animal lover. Animal sufferings especially the endless sufferings of the stray dogs population of Bangladesh hurts me at the core of my heart.  So in this case when I saw the dog is in such bad condition, I felt so much sorry for her. I wonder could I do something for her?

Then suddenly an idea came to my mind. The tea store where I took a short break also sells bun which is a one type of bread. It’s a cheap bread which price is only 5 taka. I bought a bun and left the bread in front of the dog’s face so that when she wakes up she eat it right away.

Of course, the bread is not big enough to fully mitigate her hunger. But it will fill at least an inch of her ever-hungry stomach which is a quite satisfying experience of mine.


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