How do I get some solace in the miserable conditions of stray dogs?

Can you define a stray dog in your own terms? My definition of a stray dog is a dog that has no fixed place to live. Well, you may have a different definition of this so neglected four -feet animal.

Though barely can I do anything for stray dogs, but I have strong empathy for them. I think it’s a miracle the way street dogs are surviving. Unlike humans, they don’t have a secure shelter to live in.  They don’t have any income to purchase food which is an essential thing for every living being. What about diseases? Think about our situation. Whenever we feel even the slightest discomfort, we are looking for medicines that will give us instant recovery from the physical discomfort.

But what about dogs? Don’t they have any disease? As a living creature, of course, they do have sickness, diseases, or malaise whatever term you use to refer to their physical illness but while they even can’t express their feelings how do they look for remedial medication?

How street dogs survive in inclement weather conditions is another mystery. In torrential rains, sweltering heat, or bitting cold since stray dogs have no roof over their head, they have no choice other than embracing the weather whether it is a harsh one or a pleasant one.

Another puzzling thing about stray dogs to me is where they get enough water to drink? Drinking pure water is another precondition for every animal for survival. Since stray dogs don’t live nearby a waterbody nor did they know where they could find pure water so how do they manage their water is another big question if mine.

It’s not something like stray dogs doesn’t drink water. For dogs, finding some water to drink is sheer luck. It is because while many poor people like beggars on the street are bereft of drinking clean water, how could you expect that dogs that have no ownership will have access to pure water?

Whenever I see a stray dog those miserable conditions that I described above instantly flash through my mind. As I already told you, I felt so much pity for them. But then thinking one thing offers me some solace about those unlucky creatures.

That thing is something religious thinking. According to Islam, unlike humans for dogs, there is no life after death. It means they will face no God’s judgment. In other words, there is no heaven or hell waiting for dogs. No matter how difficult their earth’s life is, there is no suffering after death that is 100% certain.





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