Driving factors of human trafficking

You are quite familiar with the term human trafficking. The general perception of human trafficking is convincing people to go to another country for a better life. Often time, we read news that dozens of people die on the Mediterranean sea on their way to Europe. Do you ever wonder why these people endanger their lives? let’s find out a few driving factors of human trafficking.

A poor economy of the country is the main reason for human trafficking. Traffickers convinced poor people living in developing countries that a better life is waiting outside of their country. Better life means earning more money, living in better condition. Traffickers main objective is earning a lot of money.

They took a large sum of money from vulnerable people. They don’t care real prospect of people. To get a new life, people embark their journey along with traffickers. But often time, the end result does not bring any good result for them. If somehow they successfully reach a rich country, they fall in a more difficult situation.

They are detained by law enforcers for illegal arrival. If they can evade grip of the police, they find odd jobs. These jobs are low paid, laborious. Because of poor earning, they cannot afford to live in a hygienic condition. To sum, all of their dreams have shattered.

The second reason for human trafficking is sex slavery. Prostitution is the world’s oldest profession. It remains a lucrative business in many parts of the world. That is why poor, troubled women are easy prey to traffickers. They lure young girls to travel middle east, Europe, the United States for better jobs. But they find their jobs only in the sex industry. Instead of better lives, they live in great misery.

The third reason is ethnic cleansing. There are many governments who do not believe in a pluralistic society. They disparage people of other religions or beliefs. Sometimes they resort to violent means, for example, killing, raping, burning to force people to leave the country. In Myanmar, Rakhine people are extremely persecuted by the government. In Iraq, Yazidis people are becoming extinct due to inhuman treatment of ISIS. Under such a hostile environment, people see the migration by any means is the only way to save their life.

The fourth cause of human trafficking is civil war. In the Syrian civil war, started in 2015, millions of people died so far. In Yeamin, another recent time civil war, the conflict between Saudi led government force and Huthi rebels results in thousands of death. The worst part of this civil war is millions of people are now facing famine. According to UN, this famine could be one of the worst famine in history.

Human trafficking can be referred to as modern day slavery. In 17th or eighteenth-century, black people were huddled into cages and shipped to the United States or other parts of the world for working in farmland or rich people home. Now human traffickers use force, coercion, fraud to traffic people to the rich economy. After reaching their destination, their working condition is no better than those black workers of the earlier centuries.

And in some cases, they involve in far worse work than earlier workers. Women, for instance, work as a sex worker. Human trafficking is one of the worst types of trade. It needs to be stopped immediately.




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