Hi, I am Mohammed Hasan Tareq. I live in Gazipur, Bangladesh. My city is a neighboring district of Dhaka.

I completed my honors and master degree from the University of Dhaka, in Chemistry.

However, life has many turns. I did not start my career as a Chemist. I switched my career in Information technology. I am a WordPress developer and blog writer. I can write SEO optimized article. I wrote 40 SEO article in my previous company’s blog. A few of my blog post appear on the first page of google search result page.

I love writing. I can write hours on various topics. Because of immense interest in writing, I started this blog last month.

I will write articles on digital marketing, website development, technology in this site. I want to share my knowledge with people who have interest in these topics.

I will greatly appreciate if you make comments after reading my article. Only does in that way, I will know whether I am successful sharing my knowledge with you.