10 Effective ways to Boost creativity

Before the discovery of gravitational forces, people see drops of apples from the tree is a usual thing. They did not think it otherwise. But it was Newton who looked into the matter from another angle. And that lead the discovery of gravitational forces. The force that attracts something towards the Earth.

So, the question is why did Newton think differently? The simple answer is because of his creative mind. There is no concrete definition of creativity. The general perception of creativity is inventing something new or proposing a new idea.

It is also often said that creativity is an innate quality of human beings. That is why ordinary people cannot think like Newton, Einstein. But do not be disappointed. Here, I will tell you 10 effective ways to boost your creativity.

of course, I will not brag that if you follow below tips, you will become a great innovator overnight. But you will have a creative mind who may at least draw new paintings or write a new story.

Go to nature:

To be creative, you need to be stress-free. You cannot think coherently if you are in distress. Spending time in nature in the form of strolling may reduce tension and stress. A study was conducted in Japan in this regard.

Two groups of people participated in the study. One group of people was told to walk through forests for 20 minutes. There heart rate and blood pressure were measured before their walking. Another group of people were directed to walk through city pavements. Their heart rate and blood pressure too were measured. Both groups walked the same distance.

After the end of their walking, it was found that people who walked through forests have lower blood pressure and heart rate than the other group who walked through urban settings. Researchers conclusion was nature may play a role to reduce blood pressure. So, to reduce tension, spend time in nature and think creatively.

Do physical exercises:

A sedentary lifestyle is harmful to both physical and mental well being. Confining in a cubicle in front of a computer screen and doing the repetitive task cannot make one creative. On the other hand, walking, running, swimming activates our body muscles. They also refresh our mind. And better thinking evolves from refresh mind.

Play musical instrument:

Creating new music by using Piano involves coordination of your creative thinking and body motion. So, playing Piano is a great way to nurture your creative skills. The greatest scientist of all time Einstein is a good example of it. He used to play Piano a lot.

Draw paintings or sketches:

Like Piano, this is another way of practicing creativity. Drawing is a compulsory course for all elementary schools. Because it inspires children to draw something from their imagination.

Detach your self from different types of media:

This means spend some time only yourself. Keep away from print, electronic, social media. Of course, these are good sources of information. But they are great distractors too. They will derail you from your unique thinking by bombarding you much information

Read blogs:

Reading other peoples blog will enhance your knowledge on a particular topic. It is not for copying  another one’s thoughts.  It is for knowing how peoples see a problem from different angles and propose suggestion. And then you may develop and present a new idea.

Increase of temperature from the use fossil fuel and the climate change is a trendy topic. After reading as many blogs as possible, you have a new idea and publish it in your own blog


have enough sleep:

Sleep refreshes our brain. It activates our thinking. At the end of a hectic working day, both our body and brain need rest. Having enough sleep ensures that rest. Our brain can resume creative thinking in the next morning.

List problems

It is common that we encounter many problems in our everyday life. Keep a notebook with you and make a list of problems. And then think possible solutions.

Free think and write down ideas

Pick a common problem that affect almost everyone. Try to find a solution from all possible ways. Write down those ideas. Select the best idea that you think will solve the problem efficiently.

No Dhaka city dweller is spared from traffic congestion. Brainstorming the problems and write down all the possible solutions. Do not left out any solutions that has already been implemented. Then sort out solutions that came from your own thinking.



Consult with someone

Discuss a problem with your friends, family members, coworkers. For example, how to reduce road accidents. Take their opinions. You will also have your own thoughts. After mixing different thoughts, you may find a unique solution regarding the problem.

I believe myself that creativity is an innate attribute of human beings. It is not such a thing that you can it learn by attending a course. But if you want to do something new, follow any of above 10 effective ways. A new idea may develop in your brain.







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